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Just played this game in the demo disc... it's really excellent. I really hope you keep at this game - I love classic RE and you have that formula nailed down.


hi! i played your game from the haunted ps1 disc and wanted to thank you personally for making a game that felt really intuitive and perfectly mysterious. i did a recording, and wanted to share. cheers! 


I'm all about this. This has so much potential to be a huge hit, especially with old school RE and Silent Hill fans. Excellent work Vincent!

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The original resident evil and silent hill games came a bit before my time, so I'm not as used to the controls as much of this game's audience likely is. That being said, I understand that these controls help bring make this game like those games, and could be a something that could potentially draw in a lot of fans of the original silent hill and resident evil games. However, I think that maybe if there was an option to use the mouse to turn instead of a and d, it would be more comfortable to non-veterans of the genre. As of writing this comment, I have not yet finished, and i'm sure that i'll adjust as a play more, but I just wanted to put this out there, as I'm sure a lot of the people here are already use to this control scheme.

(PS, I really liked what I've played so far)

*Edit: I have beaten the game and over time it did get a bit better to control however I think my original point still stands

**Edit edit: my original point definitely still stands, I started walking funny after playing this

A little late on my part but I really appreciate your feedback and wanted you to know I have been considering alternatives. Unfortunately with the way the game is designed, using the fixed cameras and all, I feel if I were to give the player the option to free look it would take away significantly from the style and atmosphere. I very meticulously place the camera shots for a number of reasons. Some purely for aesthetics, and others to guide the player's attention and progression. If I can come up with an alternative control option I'll definitely consider it, but I very much don't want this game to be a third person shooter. I know that seems stubborn, and how frustrating this control style can be, but I hope you understand.

I totally respect that decision. I think fixed camera is a really interesting component. The camera is located in areas that direct your attention towards the focus and it adds a certain cinematic element to the game that works out in a really cool way.  I like the fixed camera I was just thinking if there was an option to move towards the mouse instead of A and D, however I don't have any experience making 3D games, so I'm not sure if this interferes with the camera


I'd love to play a full version of this game, it feels just like how the old Silent Hill and Resident Evil games played.

@vincent adinolfi Does this game have tank controls? Just wondering.



ok but i asked the game dev. thanks anyways random person.

Yes! It does.



Survival Horror для русских пацанов!!!! 


Played the demo as part of my Demo Disc Let's Play series (this game starts at 11:55), I love the visual style and the story makes one attached to the depressed main character. I hope everything will turn out well for Sam. 


Played the demo, loved the atmosphere, the tank controls, the music, the puzzles and mystery behind everything, well done, looking forward to see more!


The key board is hard to control.


This has a very nostalgic feel! The story is very interesting as well. I could tell a lot of hard work went into this! Very good demo! Here's my playthrough:

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So i played this game on the Haunted ps1 games, and Good Job, you brought me back to the day i was playing Re1 and 2 on ps1, if you objective was to give that type of feeling, you 100% got it.

Feedbacks Are never enough i think as a Dev, so i'll try to give you mines from a Design prospective:

Everything works perfectly, for now the best one of the demo imho, but taking nothing away from the others that are really good demos.
I found hard seeing the Garage key, maybe colors i think, but it could be the fact that i couldn't see it (Screen colors maybe, dunno)
You builded tension very well, so well that you brought me down a bit at the end, not cause was bad, but i builded so much that i tought something more was going to happen, like a Run-Away section, we can say i was waiting for the scary moment, but the end wasn't that scary
Overall, Op work Buddy.
Keep it up, i want to see the end of the game now :)


One of my favorites of the Haunted PS1 Demo. Looking forward to seeing this completed!


You know, I typically dread tank-style controls and fixed camera angles, but I think you did well here. The post-credits bit was a nice surprise, as well. Keep working, you're doing a great job so far!


Great atmosphere, camera angles were on point, just needed some kind of threat. Looking forward to seeing more!


really impressive.  reminds me of silent hill and the first resident evil games. the music is really good and it gives the game the needed atmosphere. can't wait to play more


Good promise, I can tell, left my feedback/critique and gameplay here ;o


GREAT .. hope full version game

Hello, I love your game. How long did it take to create your game?


I found the game very enjoyable and it's obvious you took alot of cues from Silent Hill more then anything. I look forward to seeing this game's development.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Having a bit of a problem. I downloaded the Mac Demo, but whenever I try to open it, I just get a pop up saying "The application cannot be opened".

Sorry about this. I'm going to be honest, I didn't test the Mac version because I didn't have one available at the time, but I will see if there's anything I can do to make it work this weekend!


That was awesome! Cool protagonist design, awesome score evoking Resident Evil, great use of fixed camera angles, fluid character animation, scares focusing on atmosphere & dread rather than in-your-face jumps. I can't wait for the full release!

I suggest Putting a thumbnail (It's really crucial to get people interested.)

And some screenshots... Same reason.

Thanks, I think itch's media host is having some issues because everything I upload is erroring out. I'll have some up soon hopefully!

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